Athletics 111
the fall of 1907 there was an increase of local interest and in the
number of class games, the junior team winning the championship
and celebrating it in a banquet. The editor of the Wake Forest Student
declared that there was an abundance of good football material at
Wake Forest and it was a shame that it could not be put in a college
Stronger and stronger was the demand from the students for
football during the year 1907-08, and in the last number of the Wake
Forest Student for that year, Herbert Peele, the editor, made a strong
appeal to the Trustees for its reinstatement. He repeated the arguments
for it mentioned above, and said: "Why should Wake Forest students
be longer the sissies among college men, tied to the apron strings of a
too fond Alma Mater and held back from a sport that is manly and
In response to this demand the Trustees at their meeting in May,
1908, authorized restoration of intercollegiate football at the College.
The spirits of the students ran high, and they began to look for the day
when Wake Forest would match her record in baseball and basketball
by having the champion football team of the
In their gratitude
the students felt obligated to stamp out hazing, but in this were not
immediately successful.
Immediate preparations were made for putting out a team for the
season of that year, 1908. Both the University of North Carolina and
the North Carolina State College at Raleigh did what they could to
encourage the game at Wake Forest and each enlarged its schedule to
make place for a game with the team
clusively that it is wanted and needed here at Wake Forest. There is nothing that can
take its place; nothing to stir up college spirit during the fall term give us football.
There is good material here, and all we want, hope for, and expect, is a simple little
notice from the Trustees, saying play ball I" See also, ibid., 288.
Ibid., XXVII, 243, 319f.
8 R. L. McMillan, editor of the Wake Forest Student, XXVII, 69, October, 1908:
"We made a wonderful record in baseball last season; we are the State champions in
basketball; we lead the Southern colleges in tennis. Then, men who love Wake
Forest, whether students, faculty or alumni, let us do all within our power toward
sending out a winning football team, so that we may hasten the day when we may
publish abroad the glad tidings that Wake Forest, once more, has the champion
football team of the South."
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