114 History of Wake Forest College
football at the Groves Stadium, and with teams in all three sports that
constitute a challenge to teams of other institutions, the games are
yielding much larger amounts year by year until the present-1943,
when nearly all intercollegiate athletics have been suspended at the
College for the duration of the war.
Although the College has never been able to pay its athletic coaches
any large salaries, it has had some excellent coaches for all its sports,
who have often turned out teams up to the capacity of the players.
Something has already been said of Mr. Crozier as a baseball and
basketball coach. Other excellent coaches of both these sports were
Garrity and Baldwin and Greason, the last being now (1943) the
present coach of both, and among the best in the State. Its most
distinguished coach of baseball, however, was Mr. John Caddell,
1929-40, whose teams were always among the best in the State and
were regarded with pride by the alumni and friends of the College and
in the years of adverse scores in football and basketball games were
of much comfort to them. The fine moral influence that Caddell
exercised over his teams was spoken of throughout the State.
The first able football coach after Dowd in 1888-89, was Frank
Thompson, 1911-13, an alumnus of State College, Raleigh. He was
the first coach to put the fighting spirit into the Wake Forest football
team after its reestablishment in 1908. His teams began to constitute a
serious threat to the other teams of the State which knew that the
danger of losing the game ended only with the end of the game. In
baseball coaching he showed the same qualities.11 Mr. Thompson left
Wake Forest in 1914, and became a soldier in the Great War. No
nobler specimen of
11 "Frank Thompson never fails to do a kindness, thereby making a friend. He is
not only popular at Wake Forest, but he is popular with his opponents and
supporters of his opponents. . . . He has not only unified athletics at Wake Forest,
but has intensified interest in Wake Forest all over the State. ... As long as a Wake
Forest man shall live, he will remember the baseball and football seasons of 1911
and 1912, with its hardships and victories, and with its disasters and almost
superhuman successes, but above all he will remember the coach, Frank Thompson,
fighter, kind, just, arduous in his performance of his duties, and ever loyal to Wake
Forest."-C. E. C. (Chambliss), Wake Forest Student, XXXII, 621ff., May, 1918.
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