Athletics 117
the broad jump―he was among the best in the country. Taking the
team he had trained to Greensboro for the state intercollegiate meet,
he and his mates brought back a beautiful loving-cup which was
offered by the city as a prize. Wake Forest won 35 points, and would
have won five additional points had it not been unsafe for the
spectators for him to throw the hammer. Mr. Gardner had a record of
122 feet for this event, by far the best in the State.
The next year and for several years thereafter Wake Forest had
good records in its track meets, having fast track men like Herbert
Goghenour and C. T. Murchison, and A. J. Hutchins for high hurdles
and high jump, in both of which Mr. Hutchins made state records,
which were not surpassed for many years. In 1913 a new winner of
events came on in the person of Carl V. Tyner, now a physician of
Leaksville. He was good at track and the broad and high jump, in one
season winning seventy-five points. In the fall of 1916, on Society
Day, was held the first interclass track meet at Wake Forest. There
was increased interest in track at this time owing to dedication of the
new track just north of the Library which Dr. G. W. Paschal, faculty
manager, had constructed the previous summer. Though small it was
near the gymnasium and much more available for practice. It was
used until the completion of Gore Field made larger grounds possible.
Owing to the war, interest in track and field athletics waned for
several years, with weak teams and little accomplishment, but it was
again strong in 1923-24; in this year Wake Forest won second place
in the South Atlantic meet. In 1927 the College had its first regular
track coach, Mr. Phil M. Utley, who has since served as such. Though
his teams as a whole have not been as strong as those of some larger
North Carolina institutions, many individual stars have developed on
them. Among these were W. E. Daniel, broad jump and hurdles, Roy
E. Kinsey, broad jump and track, and John Dupree, javelin. In the
broad jump Kinsey and in the javelin Dupree made and held state
records. In recent years interest in track has been somewhat inferior to
that in football, baseball and basketball.
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