124 History of Wake Forest College
stood to have had the cooperation of a very able man who was then
pastor in North Carolina. In substance it was a violent attack on the
views of President Poteat on the Atonement and on evolution, and it
made the demand that he be required to resign the presidency of the
College. As it was not published in the Biblical Recorder the author
had his article printed in a pamphlet which was generally distributed
among the Baptist ministers of the State. Thus the movement was
started, which soon gathered considerable momentum, accompanied
by no little clamor, for getting Poteat out of his place as president of
the College. Several churches in the eastern part of the State had Mr.
Martin, an evangelist of some note, to hold protracted meetings with
them. The matter was brought before some associations in formal
resolutions, which in every instance were decisively rejected.2
The following from the minutes of the Pilot Mountain Association held with the
Rural Hall Church, August 1-2, 1922, is a fair sample of what was often heard on
the floors of the Associations, views sometimes reduced to resolutions; it also
indicates the fate of such resolutions:
Dr. J. J. Taylor presented resolution from brother D. F. King of Leaksville who
was kept at home on account of failing health. The resolutions are as follows
Whereas, the theory of evolution as designed by its authors is in direct conflict
with the scriptures sanely interpreted, and
Whereas, the advocates of what is called theistic evolution have on request failed
to show any essential differences between the two forms of the theory, therefore be
Resolved 1. That we messengers of the Pilot Mountain Association believe that
this godless theory has no rightful place in any of our Baptist schools.
2. That any school tolerating this theory thereby forfeits all claim to the financial
and moral support of our Baptist people.
3. That a committee of three brethren who are in sympathy with the sentiment of
this paper be appointed by this body to present our views on this matter to the next
Baptist State Convention, which meets within our bounds.
4. That the Biblical Recorder be requested to open its columns to a
full and
discussion of the subject.
After the introduction of the resolution the Association adjourned for dinner,
leaving discussion of the matter to the discretion of the moderator. In the afternoon
session the resolutions were taken up. Dr. Taylor then spoke at length in favor of the
resolutions. A motion to table the resolutions indefinitely was passed by a large
majority. After this the following resolutions offered by Rev. L. U. Weston were
passed without discussion:
Since there has been so much confusion and talk as to whether man was created
according to the word of God as stated in Genesis; or whether man evolved from
some lower species of animal or worm, therefore be it resolved:
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