132 History of Wake Forest College
matter was brought before the Convention meeting in Goldsboro in
1912, and at that time, as in 1925, the leader of those who desired a
change was Rev. W. C. Barrett. The changes made in 1912 had been
found good in actual use, but did not give to the Convention quite the
full control desired by Barrett and his friends. Accordingly,
immediately after the adoption of the Bateman Resolutions, Barrett
brought forward a resolution for the purpose, but it was deferred for a
year, when with some modifications it was adopted. For a fuller
account of this the reader is referred to the chapter on the Trustees of
the College.
Some who were in thorough sympathy with President Poteat on the
teaching of evolution were fearful that the controversy was proving
harmful to the College. Even before the Winston Salem Convention
of 1922 the denominational leaders recognized that Wake Forest
College was face to face with a serious condition. It was a day of
progress with the other higher educational institutions of the State;
their friends were united in their support and busy on plans to increase
their incomes and the number of their students, whereas the friends of
Wake Forest were divided into two hostile camps, and dissipating
their energies in fruitless wranglings. A halt must come to this if
Wake Forest was to be the great College, meeting all demands made
upon it; we must save our Baptist boys for Wake Forest; at present the
University is getting half of them, whereas 25 years ago it did not
have 25 of them
Nor were the members of the Board of Trustees left in peace. They
were constantly beset by the foes of evolution, some of them Baptists
but probably the greater number of other denominations, who
regarded Poteat as Anti-Christ and led in a crusade to get him out of
his place as head of a great Christian institution. They were few but
they were loud, and they had on their side some whom they highly
regarded, one of them a tent evangelist, who preaching in Raleigh
spoke in derision of the "monkey theory," and gained the approval of
a Governor of the State
7 J. C. Caddell, Biblical Recorder, January 3,
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