During the twenty-two years of Poteat's administration the College
showed considerable growth in endowment, number of members of
faculty, and number of students, and in equipment.
The amount of the endowment as shown in the catalogue of 1904-
05 was "more than $200,000" ($250,000, according to catalogue of
1919-20). To this $117,798.56 was added as the result of the
campaign conducted by Professor J. B. Carlyle, 1906-10, one-fourth
of the amount being given by the General Education Board. Though
no other important addition was made to the parent endowment for
many years, the value of the investments of the College had,
according to the catalogue of 1922-23, increased to $699,149.96 on
June 30, 1922. In 1923 the College came into possession of the
proceeds of a bequest of Mr. J. A. Bostwick, by will made in 1892, of
an additional $1,600,000, of which all but about $100,000 went into
endowment. The catalogue of 1922-24 shows that the endowment on
June 30, 1923, was $2,202,726. On November 20, 1925, was added
stock of the Duke Power Company, par value $100,000, sale value
$150,000, by gift of Mr. B. N. Duke. The report of the College
Treasurer shows on June 30, 1927, invested funds amounting to
$2,157,349.89; building funds, some of it income yielding,
$647,731.46; other current assets of this amount "more than
$100,000," was reported as coming from the 75 Million Campaign,
including the pro rata share paid by the General Education Board,
$36,743.58―a total of $2,841,824.96. In 1904-05, the Bursar
received from the Treasurer, mostly from income of endowment,
$22,046.14; and received other amounts from fees, making a total of
$35,528.72; in 1926-27 the endowment yielded $140,172.13, and the
income for educational purposes from all sources was $240,535.70,
and for certain special objects, such as athletic
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