Growth During Poteat's Administration 137
$1,691.07; water mains, $1,471.52; recitation room furniture,
$1,733.01; current expenses, $138,217.82; building fund, $77,180.94.
According to the report of the Treasurer of the Baptist State
Convention the total paid to the College on account of the Co-
operative Program (mostly if not altogether the 75 Million Campaign
funds) in the years through 1932 was $527,945.09, which represents
an addition of $69,546.91 in the last five years, none of which
addition, so far as appears, went into the endowment.
In the period of President Poteat's administration the value of the
plant increased from an estimated $179,925 to, an estimated
$486,000. The more important items in the increase were the Gore
Athletic Field, $16,000; Hunter Hall, $45,000; Lea Laboratory
extension, $12,000; Bostwick Hall, $118,583; heating plant, $82,903;
professors houses, $38,600; Walters property, $21,000. The Gore
field was the gift of the Gore family; the Bostwick dormitory was
paid for out of the accrued interest on the Bostwick bequest; all the
other additions were paid for chiefly by contributions from the 75
Million Campaign.
In this period no new department of instruction was added to the
curriculum, but there were marked increases in the teaching force and
In 1904-05 the number of students in the regular college year was
313; in 1919-20, 534; in 1925, 702; in 1926, 731; in 1927, 742. There
was little change over the years in ratio of students in the academic
departments and in the professional schools. In the College proper the
increasing number of freshmen tended to make the freshman classes
large in proportion to the others, but this was somewhat checked by
students with junior standing coming from the junior colleges, and
also by students who advanced in their class rank by work in the
summer schools.
In this period also there were changes in the size of the teaching
force and the number of students registering for the work of the
various departments, but these changes were not uniform. Taking into
account only those with the rank of full professor, associate professor
and assistant professor, the teaching force
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