138 History of Wake Forest College
increased from 17 in 1904-05 to 31 in 1926-27, giving one such
faculty member to 18 students in 1904-05, and one faculty member to
24 students in 1926-27. In particular, the School of Law had one
teacher and 80 students in 1904-05 and three teachers and 152
students in 1926-27, with considerable change in the ratio of number
of students to number of faculty members. In the School of Medicine
the teachers had increased in number from two to five, and the
students from 15 to 57, with 11 students for each member of the
medical faculty in 1926-27, showing that the department was well
provided with teachers. In the academic departments, however, the
showing was much less favorable, and as a whole the teaching force
was not so adequate in 1926-27 as it had been in 1904-05. Although
there was a larger use of instructors and student assistants as the
number of students grew larger, this did not bring the teaching force
up to its former efficiency. Of these student assistants and instructors
there were six in 1904-05 and nine in 1926-27. In addition to these
there had been added in 1926-27 a librarian, a cataloguer, and a law
librarian. In the department of athletics one assistant had also been
added making three in that department, so that as a whole the number
of the faculty had increased from 23 in 1904-05 to 46 in 1926-27. A
dean had been added in 1912 and a registrar in 1916, but these
officers were regular teachers in the departments, three of the four or
five who served as deans successively up to this time being the only
teachers in their departments. These figures, however, must be taken
to mean that the faculty of Wake Forest College in these years was
overloaded with work, rather than that the work was inefficiently
A further study of the growth of the various departments indicate
the educational trends of the college at this time.
There was considerable growth in interest in the study of the
sciences, making it necessary to add to the laboratory facilities and
equipment, of which an account has been given in the chapter on
Buildings and Grounds. The figures below are all for the years 1904-
05 and 1926-27. In those years in the department of biology there was
an increase from one to three in faculty
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