140 History of Wake Forest College
Latin by the supervisor of the public high school system. The number
of professors remained the same, two, but the registrations fell from
174 in 1904-05 to 66 in 1926-27.
In Greek, however, the story was different; it was never dependent
on public high school favor, but elementary work in it was done at the
College from the beginning. The registrations rose from 71 in 1905-
06 to 93 in 1926-27, and the increase is greater than these figures
indicate, since in the earlier years some of the classes were taught two
or three times a week, while in the latter year all classes were taught
five times a week. Neither Greek nor Latin is a prescribed study for a
degree, except in elective groups. Though only one professor is now
allowed in Greek the interest in the subject has continued to this day,
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