146 History of Wake Forest College
ginning with September, 1898, the Library and Reading Room were
kept open two hours both in the morning and the afternoon, and the
number of attendants was doubled, and so continued until September,
1908, when the regular librarian took charge, after which until 1915
only one student assistant was assigned to the Library. The number
was increased to four in 1915-16, to six in 1928-29 to meet the
growing needs. The names of all are included in the appendix to this
chapter found at the end of the volume together with names of others
who have served as assistants.
On September 17, 1880, the faculty created the office of Curator of
the Library and appointed Professor W. G. Simmons to the position
for which he was recommended by his previous intelligent and active
interest in all that pertained to the Library, its building, furnishing and
service. Although it was stipulated that election to the position should
be annually, Professor Simmons continued in it until compelled by
failing health to relinquish it, in 1886. He was succeeded in turn by
W. L. Poteat, 1886-1901, and G. W. Paschal, 1901-1919. After 1919
the duties of the Curator were divided between the library committee
and the Librarian .7
The duties of the Curator, as specified when the office was created,
were many: He was to collect and account for all fines, have general
charge of the Library and its officers, student librarians and
superintendents of the reading-room, acknowledge receipt of
donations, recommend books and periodicals for purchase, "and
perform such other duties as the faculty might prescribe," and all
In actual practice, however, the Curator asked other members of the
faculty to share with him in some of these duties. Committees were
regularly appointed to assist him in the selection of books and
periodicals for purchase, and their lists of selections were regularly
read in faculty meetings and suggestions solicited from all.
7 Catalogues of the College and Minutes of the Faculty, 1880-1919.
Minutes of the Faculty, September 17, 1880.
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