The Library 147
One of the most important duties of the Curator was to check new
books received and get them ready for the shelves. Each had to be
classified and its reception recorded in an accession book, and
provided with a bookplate showing its classification and accession
The Library had no card catalogue until the opening of the century,
but completed in January, 1883, was "A Catalogue of Wake Forest
College Library. Volume I. Transcribed by E. E. Hilliard During the
Summer and Fall of 1882." As a manuscript catalogue it is of rare
excellence. It is contained in a business ledger with 640 pages of
heavy paper, 10 inches by 15½, of which 627 are used for the
catalogue. It is a dictionary catalogue, by authors when known,
otherwise by title, the entries for each initial letter being arranged in
excellent script under large embossed letters, A to Z. All except the
surname of the author is beyond the marginal red line. Every volume,
both individual and those in series, is made the subject of separate
entry; the description is about what is found on the Library of
Congress cards furnished libraries today.10
The card catalogue was begun in September, 1901. The work of
making it was entrusted to the Curator, G. W. Paschal, who had
experience in library work as a member of staff of the library of the
University of Chicago. The college furnished a
9 Until the making of the catalogue in 1901-03 the accession number was that of
its class, not that of the total number of books of all classes.
10 As examples take the first and last entries: Abbott, G. D., Scripture Natural
History: Containing a Descriptive Account of the Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes,
Insects, Reptiles, etc., etc., Mentioned in the Bible. By William Carpenter. First
American Edition wtih Improvements, by Rev. Gorham D. Abbott, Boston, 1833. C.
N. 220.106, No. 475, pp. 408.
Zschokke. Tales from the German of Heinrich Zschokke. By Park Goodwin.
New York, 1845. C. N. 833.2, No. 4,282, pp. 238. C. N. 833.3, No. 4,283, pp. 238.
In the above C. N. is for Classification Number, which in the first entry is 220,
the number 106 that follows the period, is not a decimal but the number of
accessions of the classification indicated by the first number, 220. The number
following No. is the general accession number. There were two identical copies of
the last entry.
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