150 History of Wake Forest College
some students of his choice kept the Library and Reading Room open
for two hours a day in the afternoon. Since the beginning of the
present summer school in 1921, the Library has been kept open the
same hours in the summer as in the regular session, and is usually in
charge of some member of the regular library staff, but in 1923 it was
in charge of Miss Eva E. Malone of the library staff of Trinity College
(now Duke University), and in the summer of 1927 it was in charge of
Miss P. C. Conklin a trained librarian of Troy, New York, both of
whom served very efficiently. The Library is much used in summer,
and in the evenings the reading rooms are crowded, but the users are
so prone to conversation that the keepers are often at their wit's end in
the effort to preserve order. Furthermore, the accumulation of books
and periodicals in the long vacations, before the institution of the
summer school and in the shorter vacation since, makes the opening
of the regular session a time of toil for the regular staff.
In May, 1908, on the strong recommendation of President Poteat,
the Trustees authorized the appointment of a regular librarian, Rev. E.
P. Ellington, at a salary of $350 a year. Mr. Ellington had received his
degree of Bachelor of Letters from Wake Forest College in 1886.
Soon after his graduation his work as a minister of the Gospel was
interrupted by loss of voice; he had then turned to the work of
education, and about 1895 served Rockingham County as
superintendent of public instruction. For several years before 1908 he
had been engaged in dairying at Wake Forest. He had no special
library training, his chief service being that of keeping the Library
open the entire school day, 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
When Mr. Ellington took charge the Library was greatly hampered
by the lack of room. This had been tolerated since it was hoped that
Mr. Andrew Carnegie would donate a library building, as he had
donated one to Davidson College. In May, 1908, it was already
evident that this hope would have to be
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