156 History of Wake Forest College
As the number of students increased more money was available for
books and periodicals. The total appropriation for 191819 was $1,500,
expended as follows: on salary of librarian $550.00; on salary of
assistants $203.00; on periodicals and newspapers $353.86; on new
books $367.55; binding $67.71; on supplies $97.99. The
appropriation voted for the next year was $1,575. From that time,
however, larger and larger appropriations for the Library have been
made and in 1939-40 they reached the sum of $11,421.36. Of this
amount $6,150 was for salaries, the largest salary being $1,800,
$3,700 was for books, $500 was for periodicals, and $400 for binding.
Though not more than one-third of the appropriation is for books,
books purchased are by no means all that are added to the Library
year by year; many others come by gifts of which there is a constant
stream from small givers, and regular annual donations from certain
benefactions. One of these from which the Library greatly profited
was that established by the late Tracy W. McGregor, which until 1943
added annually dollar for dollar up to $500 to a few selected libraries
for the purchase of approved volumes of Americana. Dr. C. C.
Pearson represented the Library in the selection of books to be
purchased. The collection numbers about 500 volumes. With
reference to them Dr. Pearson says that, because of the rules of the
McGregor fund our acquisitions through its assistance have been
valuable rather than numerous, and this value may be expected to
increase with time; that, as far as practicable this opportunity has been
used to strengthen our Library's resources for the study of the history
of our own region and our own denomination, which has for years
been the primary object in all its work of collecting; and that it is
expected that this will greatly serve our own advanced students and be
of some help to others. The following may be mentioned as
illustrative of the character of the books: Bibles, such as the Geneva
(1599), the Sauer (1743), King James (1611); Cotton, Bloody Tenent
(1647); J. Edwards, Surprising Work of
Carnegie gave Davidson $20,000 for a Library. He never could be induced to give
anything for a Library at Wake
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