The Library 159
in three volumes. It was agreed with the friends of Professor Maske
that these books should be only the first of many to be added later by
gift or purchase and all designated by plate "The J. C. Maske
Collection." In accord with this plan Professor Benjamin Sledd for
himself and also for the estate of J. S. Purefoy added immediately
thirty-five other volumes to the collection, but soon after the Maske
book plate was left out and is not found on the other four hundred
volumes of this classification which have since been added to the
collection. 17
The second notable collection which the Library received was the
books collected by Dr. T. E. Skinner in his long years as a minister. In
his last years he spent much time at Wake Forest, where he had been a
student in the years 1837-49, and in the summer of 1897 donated his
library to the College, 1,788 volumes, according to the Library
accession book. They were not such books as the ordinary minister
with poor salary must make himself content with, but well selected
and authoritative with very few which could be regarded as rubbish.
In the collection were several editions of the Greek New Testament,
and such works as Schaff's Creeds of Christendom, and Schaff's great
edition of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, and others of more
general religious interest, like The Provincial Letters of Pascal. Each
volume was provided by the Library with an additional book plate
marking it as belonging to "The Skinner Library," and all were first
shelved in a special section of the Library marked by placards with
the same words.
Other large gifts of theological books for the most part were 120
volumes in 1886-87 from Rev. J. B. Mays, D.D., Apopka, Florida;
300 volumes in 1919-20, from the estate of Dr. R. H. Marsh; 719
volumes from the estate of Dr. C. J. Thompson, in 1923-24; 519
volumes from the estate of Dr. J. F. Love in 1928-29; 627 volumes
from Mrs. W. C. Tyree, and 982 volumes from the estate of Dr. Len
G. Broughton, in 1935-36. Others who made considerable gifts of
theological books were Rev. A. D.
17 See the accession books of the Library, and the plates in the volumes on the
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