The Library 161
continued to make the current additions, when the lack of sufficient
appropriations caused the discontinuance.
In the summer of 1928 Rev. Charles H. Utley, a graduate of the
College with the degree of Master of Arts in the class of 1899,
presented his valuable collection to the College. It consisted of about
four hundred volumes, collected over a period of thirty years with the
special purpose of adding to the Library's resources of books and
pamphlets on the history of North Carolina and of the Baptist
denomination. Mr. Utley had been stimulated to do this by lack of
material for his studies in these subjects when he was a student in the
classes of Dr. Sikes. In this collections were many books which the
Library did not at that time possess, and also valuable duplicates, such
as a set of the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina.18
In 1920 the Librarian and the "Collector," Dr. C. C. Pearson, with
the cooperation of the General Board of the Baptist State Convention
began negotiation for the collection of the late Rev. Henry Sheets,
who had long been a writer of Baptist history, especially that of the
central and western portions of North Carolina and had made a large
collection of materials pertaining to it. It was secured a year or two
later at a cost of $1,000, of which the Library paid $250, and was
found to contain 1,119 volumes, and proved a valuable supplement to
what the Library already had.
In this period, 1920-21, the Library came into possession of several
other collections which were rich in Baptist material; one of these of
forty volumes was from the library of the late W. H. Eller of
Greensboro, who was an able and discriminating collector; another of
about one hundred volumes of like nature came from the library of
Rev. J. A. Wilson of Baltimore; and another of about 60 volumes was
given by Mrs. Singleton from the library of her father, Dr. J. D.
Hufham, which last contained several very rare pamphlets on North
Carolina history.
One of the largest givers to the Library was Mr. M. M. Smith, an
antiquarian and second-hand book-dealer of Raleigh. His
18 A competent historian estimated that the collection was worth
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