The Library 163
nineteenth century, and volumes of fiction, history and laws and
legislative documents of the Reconstruction period.
From the libraries of members of the faculty have come other
valuable books and pamphlets to the Library. Most valuable of these
were many volumes and pamphlets bound and unbound from the
library of. President Charles E. Taylor, who with a fine sense of what
was valuable in history and literature had made an orderly and
systematic collection. To him the Library owes much of its materials
on the history of the College and on the early history of the Baptist
denomination in this State and Virginia. Many of his contributions
were made in his lifetime, and after his death his daughter, Mrs. Ethel
T. Crittenden, made larger gifts.
President W. L. Poteat also was a large giver. As we have seen, he
had a large part in building up the Library after the consolidation and
in its direction. It is safe to say that there was not a year from 1879 to
1938 in which he did not make gifts of books; to these were added
after his death in accord with his desire more than 700 volumes.
Other members of the faculty, and in particular Dr. Sledd and Dr.
Paschal, have given many volumes of great value.
Other valuable gifts both in books and in bookplates came from
Mrs. Hubert M. Evans of New York City. In 1931-32 she gave 106
volumes from the library of her husband, who had graduated from the
College with the degree of Master of Arts in 1898. Mr. Evans was a
man of fine literary sense and interested in the science of government,
and these volumes from his library reflect these traits of the collector.
About the same time Mrs. Evans donated a large number of
bookplates, and has added to them year by year; in June, 1940, they
numbered 2,160, and are now probably the largest collection of the
kind in the State.
Owing to the thoughtfulness and the financial support of Dr. B. W.
Spilman of the class of 1891, the Library has now a collection of
books by alumni and officers of the College. When possible these
have been secured by gift; otherwise they have been pur-
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