164 History of Wake Forest College
chased with funds provided by Dr. Spilman. In May, 1941, they
numbered more than 600 catalogued titles. Although the collection
makes an imposing appearance in three large bookcases, also the gift
of Dr. Spilman, it is far from complete.
Another carefully made collection, which was especially rich in
volumes by Baptist authors and on Baptist history, was that of Rev. C.
J. Black, whose chief labors had been in Stanly County and in other
counties to the west. In 1931 he gave about seventy volumes, and
after his death in 1939, his family, in accord with his purpose, gave
the remainder of his collection, about 400 volumes. He was interested
in all phases of Baptist history, worldwide, national, state, regional,
and his collection was made with much discrimination, and is a most
valuable addition to the Library.
Mr. J. T. Alderman, who received the degree of Bachelor of Arts
from the College in 1880, also made many valuable contributions of
books, pamphlets, church records and minutes of associations and
periodicals to the Library, mostly items relating to Baptist history, and
several historical studies in manuscript. Among them was a set of
Rippon's Baptist Register, four volumes. Some were given some years
before his death, and after his death, his widow made other gifts from
his library. Mr. Alderman was much interested in Baptist history and
he had done much work in gathering books for the North Carolina
Baptist Hisorical Collection of which something will be said below.
In 1928 Mr. John A. Oates donated to the Library almost a
complete file of the North Carolina Baptist, of which he had been
editor for fourteen years, and which with the exception of the Biblical
Recorder is the only Baptist paper of the State which has been
maintained for more than three or four years.
Much the largest collection and the most valuable that the Library
has received was that of the late Judge Thomas M. Pittman of
Henderson. Dr. Pittman―the College in 1925 had conferred upon him
the degree of Doctor of Laws―was a man of much ability and with
many interests, his chief being his profession of law, and affairs of
state and religion. He was much
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