166 History of Wake Forest College
copy in a fine state of preservation, which adds not a little to the
Library's collections of Bibles, which is believed to be one of the best
in the South.
For each of two collections, North Carolina books and Baptist
books the Library has separate sections.
The North Carolina collection contains about 3,000 titles. In laws it
has the early provincial collections, beginning with the "Yellow
Jacket" of 1751-52, and also the State collections and codes beginning
with the Iredell of 1791; in addition it has the Acts of Assembly by
years complete or about complete; it has the journals of the houses of
the General Assembly and the legislative and departmental
documents; has also most of the legal periodical publications which
have appeared in the state from the earliest years. The collection also
contains much of a historical nature; a 1709 edition of Lawson's A
New Voyage to Carolina, Brickel, the Natural History of North
Carolina, 1737 edition, as well as the reprint, and William
Edmundson's Journal, 1715, to mention only a few of the more rare
volumes. In it are found also practically all the books of a historical or
biographical nature relating to North Carolina published since the
provincial period, including histories and sketches of religious groups.
Serial publications of commissions and universities and colleges such
as the Trinity Historical Papers and the James Sprunt Historical
Studies, are regularly added; so are histories of counties, as they
appear. The collection of books of a literary nature by North Carolina
authors, while considerable, is by no means complete Except for the
bound volumes of the News and Observer, which have been regularly
added since February, 1919, the collection is poor in periodicals. The
want is partly supplied by the Biblical Recorder, of which the Library
has bound volumes practically complete from January, 1835. The
collection also contains complete sets of most of the more important
periodicals of historical, patriotic, literary and educational nature that
have been published in the State. It numbers about 2,500 bound
volumes and numerous pamphlets, all well catalogued.
The Baptist Collection is by far the most complete and dis-
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