170 History of Wake Forest College
Of religious periodicals the Literary has several valuable sets. One
already mentioned is that of Rippon's Baptist Register, of the last
decade of the eighteenth century. It was published in London but
contained much news from America, one of its correspondents being
Rev. Lemuel Burkitt of Bertie County. Another valuable set is the
Baptist Magazine (London) in seventy-one volumes, 1809-69. Of
American publications the collection contains complete sets of the
American Baptist Magazine, Boston, fifty-two volumes, 1817-52, the
Latter Day Luminary, 1818-25, and the Christian Review, and such
nineteenth century periodicals; of Baptist state papers the collection
contains complete sets, or virtually complete, of the more important
papers published in North Carolina, the Baptist Interpreter, 1832-34,
the Biblical Recorder, 1835 to date, and the North Carolina Baptist,
seventeen volumes, 1891-1907, the gift of its chief editor, Mr. John
A. Oates. By far the more important and valuable is the Biblical
Recorder, dating from January, 1835, and complete except for a few
numbers mostly in the Civil War period. It is invaluable as a source of
information for the religious life, the political movements, the social
undertakings, the important discussions, the wars, the educational
progress of the people of North Carolina and to a less extent of the
entire Union in the several periods of our history since its
establishment-the feverish ante-bellum years, the Civil War,
Reconstruction, and years of recovery and progress. Through most of
the years it has been ably edited, and on its editorial pages has been
reflected the thoughts on contemporary matters of some of the State's
ablest men. It is safe to say that there is no other continuous
publication of its period that can compare with it in value.27
The set of the Biblical Recorder now in the collection has come from many
sources. The Euzelian Society had several volumes of the early years; soon after the
consolidation of the Libraries, President Pritchard on the advice of the faculty,
solicited and obtained others from Mrs. Wheeler, widow of Dr. S. J. Wheeler; about
1928, the directors of the Biblical Recorder transferred their bound volumes to the
Wake Forest Library; this was done with the cooperation of General Secretary
Maddry, and on the urgent representation of Dr. Paschal that he needed them in
writing his histories. About the same time Mr. Garland Ryland, librarian of the
University of Richmond, unsolicited,
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