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As has been said above in 1928 Mr. John A. Oates presented his file
of the North Carolina Baptist to the Library, which is a valuable
supplement to the Biblical Recorder for information on Baptist affairs
in North Carolina. Of the Baptist papers of other states the library has
several of the early volumes of the Christian Index, and many more
recent volumes, and about half of the volumes of the Religious
Herald, of which twenty are bound or in portfolios; it contains also a
considerable number of unbound volumes of the Baptist papers of
nearly all other Southern
Complete files of most of the
periodicals of the various boards and educational institutions of the
Southern Baptist Convention are also in the collection.
The Library has also bound volumes of all the annuals of the North
Carolina Baptist State Convention (several sets), of the Triennial
Convention and of the Southern Baptist Convention, and of the
Northern Baptist Convention, and the annuals of the Virginia General
Baptist Convention, and considerable numbers of the South Carolina
Of minutes of the North Carolina Baptist
Associations the Library has practically complete files of all for the
past seventy years, and of many complete files going back to the date
of their formation, as early as 1805, eighty volumes of which are
bound, separately for each association, while fifty-four others are
bound with minutes grouped by
Here also should be
mentioned the numerous denomina-
sent what that library had along with other important Baptist material to the College
in return for a copy of Morgan Edward's manuscript "Materials on Virginia," with
which Dr. Paschal had presented his library; these proved most valuable since they
filled in a gap. In 1932, as told above, Mrs. T. M. Pittman delivered to the Library
three bound volumes and 2,435 additional copies of the paper, in accord with the
desire of Dr. Pittman expressed shortly before his death. Thousands of numbers
have come from other sources.
For the period, 1931-40, Dr. Paschal being on the editorial staff of the Biblical
Recorder, received regularly the Southern Baptist state papers, which he filed with
the Library.
29 The Librarian is now engaged in securing the annuals of the Baptist
Conventions of all the Southern States.
30 In this statement only the churches affiliated with the Baptist State Con-
vention and others of the same denominational faith are considered, but col-
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