172 History of Wake Forest College
tional year books, transactions of boards and other bodies, annual
almanacs, of which the collection contains very many.
The collection is rich also in works on Baptist history. Most of the
materials already mentioned are valuable sources for historians, but of
works to be classed as Baptist histories the collection contains the
more important; the English works beginning with Crosby and Ivemy;
the American works beginning with Comer and Backus; for North
Carolina the North Carolina Baptist Historical Papers, and other
published works; all or nearly all of the published Baptist histories of
the various states, and histories of Baptist Associations, the Kehukee
and Sandy Creek and numerous others in North Carolina, and the
Ketockton in Virginia, the Charleston in South Carolina, to mention
some of the oldest. These histories are not only those of what are
called the regular Baptists, but of the various separate Baptist groups,
such as Knight's work on the General Baptists, and Hassell's Church
History for the Primitive Baptists. Nor are these histories confined to
groups of the Baptist name; the histories of other religious
denominations, the Quakers and other dissenters in England of the
seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and books relating to anything
in the religious history of America have been added in great numbers
to the collection or made accessible in other sections of the Library.
The Library is also the regular recipient of the mimeographed
volumes of the Inventory of Church Archives of Baptist Associations
in all states of the Union made by a division of the Works Progress
Administration; it has already received the Inventories for six or eight
North Carolina Associations and about as many of Baptist
Associations in other states.
No account can be given here of the great wealth of the collection
in biography and works on religious subjects by Baptist writers:
books, pamphlets, and other materials are being added
lections of other groups, Free Will Baptists, Primitive Baptists, Negro Baptists, are
being added.
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