In the life of a college there are few abrupt changes. When
president succeeds president the work in the classrooms and labora-
tories and library goes on as usual. Changes that come as a result of
new policies of the new president are only gradually made and are
most often only manifestations of the natural growth of the institution.
A growing boy sometimes finds his last-year suit of clothes outgrown
and has to have another. In like manner the College in September,
1905, found that the Little Chapel was too small to hold the increasing
number of students, and by necessity moved its chapel services to the
Memorial Hall, or Large Chapel, on the second floor of Wingate. It
was only incidental that this change, already overdue, was made with
the beginning of the new administration, but it was the beginning of a
marked modification in the life of the College, which will be better
understood from a description of the chapel services both before and
after the removal to the Large Chapel.
The Little Chapel, in which services were held from 1880 to 1905,
could accommodate conveniently only about 250 students and the
members of the faculty, the students in the seats of the hall with aisles
down the sides, and the fifteen or twenty members of the faculty in
chairs on the platform. For that number it was an ideal arrangement.
The students entered by a large double door in the rear, while the
faculty entered, usually in a group, by a door from a recitation room
next to the platform. Every student had his assigned seat and in
alphabetical order the regular attendants among the faculty had their
regular but unassigned places, an arrangement which made it possible
for the student to see the members of the faculty every day, and for
the members of the faculty to see all the students day by day, and for
the students to see and know one another. A spirit of order and
reverence pervaded the assemblage. The services began
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