182 History of Wake Forest College
Best, Franklin County, 1924-32, nine years; J. Edward Allen, Warren
County, 1925; L. S. Inscoe, Nash County, 1925; C. L. Coon, Wilson
County, 1926; Randolph Benton, Wake County, 1933-42; J. C.
Lockhardt, Wake County, 1924-26; Superintendents of City Schools,
such as C. G. Smith, LaGrange, 1922; W. B. Edwards, Weldon, 1922;
Kader R. Curtis, Kinston, 1924; H. F. Srygley, Raleigh, 1928-29; P.
S. Daniel, Raleigh, 1936; L. E. Andrews, Lexington, 1938; Claude F.
Gaddy, Raleigh, 1939-41; Supervisors of Education, such as Miss
Alice J. Selby, Primary City Schools, Columbia, S. C., 1921; Miss
Bernice Turner, Statesville Public Schools, 1925-27; Miss Frances
Lacy, Raleigh, Elementary Education, 1941; Miss Ruth Heilig,
Primary Specialist, Salisbury, 1923-24; G. C. Davidson, Vance
County, 1927; Miss Lillian Minor, Norfolk County, 1939; Principals,
such as Mrs. Josie W. Brock, Harnett County, 1921-22; A. J.
Hutchins, Asheville, 1921; Miss Sallie Lucy Blackwell, R. H. Lewis
High School, Raleigh, 1939; Mrs. A. R. Wilson, Durham Public
Schools, 1931-37; specialists in Art, Music, Drawing, Penmanship,
such as Miss Isabelle Bowen, State College, Raleigh, 1924-29; Miss
Susie Hayes, Louisburg, Penmanship, 1924-26; Miss Margaret
Highsmith, Raleigh City Schools, Music, 1924-26; W. A. Potter,
Raleigh City Schools, Music, 1926-29; Miss Velma Webb, Zebulon,
Art, 1935-37; Miss Nell Hanna, State School for Blind, Raleigh,
Music, 1935-37; Miss Madge Hedrick, Wake Forest, Music, 1938;
Mrs. Myrtle V. Tillman, Art, 1939-42; Miss Jessie Howard, Durham
City Schools, Physical Culture, 1924-26; Miss Florence M. Young,
grammar grade specialist from Georgia State Normal, 1927-29.
Among the professors from other colleges on the summer school
faculty were Miss H. H. Sally, Oxford College, 1921; S. G. Riley,
Meredith, History, 1922, 1934; Miss E. E. Malone, Trinity College,
Durham, Library, 1923; Fred K. Fleagle, Davidson College,
Education, 1924-27; H. T. Shanks, University of North Carolina,
History, 1924; E. H. Henderson, Furman University, Philosophy,
1924; C. C. Crittenden, Yale, History, 1926; L. B. Hoisington,
Cornell University, Psychology, 1926; Fred W. Morrison, North
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