188 History of Wake Forest College
first year and 104 the second year. Two in the latter year were
academic students, all others normal.
Exclusive of students of Law, of whom account is made in the
chapter on the School of Law, the students by years in the summer
school have been as follows: 1921, 195; 1922, 294; 1923, 265; 1924,
423; 1925, 614 Wake Forest, 125 Neuse Forest, total, 740; 1926,
Wake Forest 549, Neuse Forest 104, total omitting duplicates 637;
1927, 635; 1928, 424; 1929, 370; 1930, 380; 1931, 334; 1932, 438;
1933, 444; 1934, 525; 1935, Wake Forest 446, Mars Hill ... total...;
1936, Wake Forest 675, Mars Hill 280, total 950; 1937, Wake Forest
625, Mars Hill 300, total 925; 1938, Wake Forest 618, Mars Hill 311,
total 929; 1939, Wake Forest 523, Mars Hill 316, total 839; 1940,
Wake Forest 565, Mars Hill 254, total 819; 1941, Wake Forest 517,
Mars Hill 198, total 715.
For the students of the College attending the summer school the
only problem was to see that the number of their courses and the
credits for them were properly restricted, for some found that with
fewer student activities than in the regular session they had more time
for study in desired extra work. In this situation the faculty found it
necessary to limit the number of courses normally to three and to
allow not more than ten semester hours of credit for the nine-week
In the case of women, however, there was a new problem in giving
degrees for academic work. In the College no provision had been
made for giving degrees of any kind to women, nor even for
certifying their work to other institutions. The first definite statement
in regard to degrees for women is found in the Summer School
Bulletin of 1929, in which it is stated that women graduates may be
granted the degree of Master of Arts or the professional degrees of
Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science in Medicine. In 1931 all
restrictions on women's receiving degrees in the summer school were
withdrawn by action of the Board of Trustees. Graduation exercises at
the close of the summer school had been authorized in 1928 and the
degrees had been conferred at the close of the summer school of that
year, and also in 1929 and
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