Summer School 189
1930, but no women were graduated until 1931, when the degree of
Bachelor of Arts was conferred on three young women. These,
however, were daughters of members of the faculty and had com-
pleted their work in the regular
It was in 1932 when the first
woman summer school graduate received a
With the
exception of Meredith College students very few women, however,
have been graduated at the summer school commencements; the total
in the years 1931-41 has been twenty-two, seventeen Bachelor of
Arts, and five Master of
Meredith College under its own
auspices has graduated thirty-four with the degree of Bachelor of Arts
at the summer school commencements, 1936-41. At the summer
school commencements, 1928-42, fifty-seven have received the
degree of Bachelor of Laws. Of academic degrees in the same period,
364 have been conferred: 40 Master of Arts, 131 Bachelor of Arts,
190 Bachelor of Science, 2 Bachelor of Science in Medicine, 1
Bachelor of Arts in Medicine. The total including Law degrees is 421
conferred by Wake Forest, and 34 conferred by Meredith College.
From the organization of the summer school until the present it has
had an employment bureau under the supervision of the director
which has been very successful in securing positions in the schools
for its students.
In the twenty-one years of its existence the school has carried out
well its twofold purpose. First, it has faithfully and efficiently
cooperated with the State Department of Education in providing well
trained teachers for the public schools in accord with the progressive
program of that Department. Second, it has supplemented and
complemented the work of the regular session of the College,
furnishing a convenient term for students to make up deficiencies due
to sickness or other causes, and offer-
14 They were Sarah V. Cullom, Catherine Paschal and Laura Helen Paschal. The
only woman previously to receive a degree from the College was Miss Evabelle
Simmons, who was voted a degree by the Trustees in 1888; she, however, was not
publicly graduated.
15 This was Ruth Frances Albritton.
These were Laura Helen Paschal, 1932, Irma Ragan, 1940, and Lucy G. Gill,
Pearl V. McCormick, and Betty Mary Moore, 1942.
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