Buildings and Grounds 195
the roof as well as by windows. At night the illumination was by wall
lamps and those of the old chandelier of the Philomathesian Society
suspended under the central lantern. There was no stairway in this
section until many years later; but entrance to the Library was from
the head of stairs on either side, which also served for approach to the
halls of the Literary Societies, that of the Philomathesian Society on
the north and that of the Euzelian Society on the south. These halls
were assigned by lot, and were improved at much cost by the
Societies and served them for more than a half century.10
On the lower floor, the north wing was devoted to the various
departments of science, the space being divided into two rooms, the
front being used for classroom, and the rear room being used for
storage room for scientific apparatus. Its occupants in order were
Professor Simmons, Professor Michael, and Professor Lanneau. The
south wing was used for a classroom for the department of
mathematics and also for the bursar's office. It was undivided. Its sole
occupant for these purposes was Professor Mills. Each wing had two
doors, one in front and the other in the end. The glass in the transom
over the front door of the north wing was painted "Williams Hall,"
while that of the south wing was painted "Heck Hall" while a like
glass over the door of the central portion was painted "College
Library, 1878." In the center of the base of the front gable is a marble
slab set in the brick and inscribed "Samuel Wait, Founder and First
President of Wake Forest College, 1789-1867."
Other changes in the building and its use will be told of in
connection with an account of the building of the extension in 1926.
As Pritchard had shown much interest in the erection of the Heck-
Williams building, he was the first to arouse active interest in the
erection of what was afterwards known as Wingate Memorial Hall.
Both were included in his original purpose, and in announcing that
Heck and Williams were donating funds to erect
It was ordered that the lot be cast in the presence of the Faculty. Minutes of the
Board of Trustees for March 1, 1879.
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