Buildings and Grounds 197
mencement in June, 1879, but a violent storm prevented, and the
stone was not laid until October 7,
Under the constant
stimulus of President Pritchard and Mr. Purefoy the contractor had the
hall so far complete at commencement, June 7-10, 1880, that it served
for the closing exercises, though seemingly without sashes in the
windows and with only temporary
This building was as far south of the old College Building as the
Heck-Williams building was north of it, but the proposed colonnade
connecting the two with the old College Building was never
constructed. In outward form it was like the other new
After the building had been destroyed by fire on February 14, 1934, the
following articles were found in the corner stone:
A United States postal card, addressed "To Another Generation, Wake Forest
College, N. C." On the other side was this message: "This building is erected as a
memorial chapel of the late Dr. W. M. Wingate, for 25 years President of this
College-In Preparatory and Collegiate Departments there are 130 students, 23
ministers preparing for their great work. Present faculty: Thos. H. Pritchard,
president, recently elected; Wm. G. Simmons, Luther Mills, Wm. B. Royall, Chas.
E. Taylor; the tutors are Wm. L. Poteat and Chas. W. Scarborough; Architect and
builder, Jacob S. Allen. Built by Subscription, [Signed] James S. Purefoy, Agent for
the work."
The other articles recovered, all in fair condition, were the following: 1.
Resolution of Board of Trustees, signed by W. H. Pace, Secretary, thanking Messrs.
Heck and Williams for the gift of the Science Building, copied on legal cap paper
by W. G. Simmons. 2. Bullheads of Dickson & Purefoy, General Merchants of
Wake Forest College. 3. "A Member Manual for the Baptist Church," small
pamphlet, 34 pages, Raleigh. The Biblical Recorder, 1875. 4. Pamphlet, "Memorial
Address on the Life and Character of Rev. W. M. Wingate, D.D.," by Rev. F. H.
Ivey of Goldsboro, Raleigh, 1879. Edwards & Broughton. 5. Minutes of Central
Baptist Association, 1879, printed copy. 6. Printed copy of Minutes of Baptist State
Convention of North Carolina, 1878. 7. Catalogues of Wake Forest College, 1876-
77, 1878-79. 8. Small pamphlet, "North Carolina Students' Aid Association,
Incorporated March, 1877." 9. "Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North
Carolina Railroad Co., held at Charlotte, July 10, 1879." The Raleigh News Steam
Job Print, 1879. 10. Jaynes' Medical Almanac, with card of Dickson & Purefoy on
back cover. 11. Shoe and Leather Reporter, New York, Thursday, July 24, 1879. 12.
Raleigh News, October 1 and October 7, 1879; Geo. C. Jordan, Editor and
Proprietor. 13. Raleigh Observer, September 29, 1879, S. A. Ashe, Editor. 14.
Biblical Recorder, October 1, 1879, and August 10, 1870. 15. Goldsboro Mail,
October 3, 1879, W. H. Avera, Editor. 16. Journal of the Telegraph, New York,
January 15, 1877. Vol. X No. 2. Signed, "C. F. Reid, Manager, Wake Forest, N. C.,
Born, 1844."
Biblical Recorder, June 16, 1880: "To the great joy of all the friends and
visitors, Memorial Hall was ready for occupancy and the large crowd at
Commencement found comfortable seats and an abundance of fresh
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