Buildings and Grounds 199
services were moved to the Memorial Hall to accommodate the
increasing congregations, and here they continued until the
completion of the new church in the fall of
The small chapel,
however, continued to be used for Sunday school and prayer meeting,
until on the completion of the church, it was no longer needed, and
was remodeled and converted partly into a classroom and partly into
an addition to the Physics laboratory. So long as the number of
students was not too large it was used for the daily chapel services of
the College and for other meetings of students, but about 1905 it was
found necessary to transfer the chapel services to the larger hall
above. The lecture rooms on the lower floor were first assigned as
follows: On the end next to the old College Building the front room
was given to the professor of Latin, at that time Professor C. E.
Taylor, but later Dr. G. W. Manly, who continued there until the fall
of 1888, when the Latin classes were moved to the larger room on the
southwest corner of the building which was then vacated by Professor
W. L. Poteat for new quarters in Lea Laboratory. After this the former
Latin room was occupied by Professor B. F. Sledd, who at this time
took up his work in the College as professor of Modern Foreign
Languages. The back room on the north end was assigned to Dr.
William Royall, who in the fall of 1880 returned to the College as
professor of modern languages including English, and he continued to
occupy it until his death on January 3, 1893. On the south end the
front room was given over to the department of Greek under the
charge of Dr. William B. Royall, while the back room was occupied
by Dr. Poteat and the department of natural history, as has already
been said. After this it was occupied in order by Professors Manly,
Greene and Carlyle. Later other shifts were made, but the rooms
continued as recitation rooms until 1900 when the whole south wing
was given over to the department of physics, the front room serving
for lecture room and the back room for a laboratory. A new
arrangement of floor space was made in 1920,
15 Wake Forest Student, V, 177.
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