12 History of Wake Forest College
After the close of the religious exercises, the President or his
representative read the list of absences of the previous day, both from
chapel and from the various recitations, to which the delinquents were
expected to make their excuses to the President, and which revealed
to the whole group any failure in duty by those whose names were
For the chapel services in the Large Chapel considerable changes
were necessary. Both students and faculty entered at the same doors.
The latter no longer sat as a group on the platform, but only the
president, the chairman of the faculty and the leader of the chapel
service, when he was other than these.
In the Large Chapel the method of checking the presence of
students was no longer by roll-call but by monitors, student assistants
in the various departments of the College, who had this additional
work assigned to them. The students were still seated in the
alphabetical order of their names but more widely distributed in the
more spacious hall. Each of the monitors had a list of names on which
he was expected to check and report those who were absent. The work
was done quietly and in general faithfully, but soon the student began
to feel that it was to their monitors, not to the faculty, that they were
responsible, and regarded any arrangement they could make with
them as satisfactory to all concerned. Sometimes a lenient monitor
would allow students to use subterfuges, such as the plea that it was
necessary for them to get out as soon as the service was done and on
that account to occupy a back seat; or possibly that they were present
but got in late and thought it best not to attract attention from the
worship by coming to their regular places; others making certain that
the monitors had checked them slipped out when all stood for the
song or bowed their heads for prayer.
from the Wake Forest Student, VIII, 91, indicates something of what was found at
the chapel services:
Oh hear him read the Master's Holy Word!
Then strange sweet feelings all my being thrill,
As if the Master's blessed voice I heard;
And when he prays there falls a holy still—
God's messengers, I know are sitting there
To hear, before His throne, the sure, true prayer.
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