Buildings and Grounds 201
the Trustees further provided that the building should be called the
"Lea Laboratory," and that in the front pediment should be set a
marble slab inscribed: "In Memory of Sidney S. & Fannie E. Lea." 21
To be mentioned here as having an important part in the con-
struction of the building is the fact that on June 30, 1886, the Trustees
on the recommendation of President Taylor, elected Dr. J. R. Duggan
to the chair of chemistry. He was then a young man of twenty-seven
years, a native of Georgia, a graduate with the Master of Arts degree
from Mercer University, with the professional degree of Doctor of
Medicine from Jefferson Medical College and with that of Doctor of
Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University, where, since receiving
his degree, he had served for several years as an assistant in
Acquainted with the latest in laboratory and apparatus for the study
of chemistry, Dr. Duggan gave direction for drawing the plans of the
building to the architect, J. Appleton Wilson of Baltimore.22 To him
also was entrusted the getting of the apparatus and equipment, most of
which was ordered from
On September 10, 1886, the executive committee of the Board of
Trustees, Messrs. Heck, Durham, Bailey, Pace and Purefoy, ordered
the construction of the laboratory, "in the north side of the Campus
and not nearer the Library Building than 100 feet." The brick were
already on the
"penitentiary" brick bought from Mr. P. L.
Dunn,25 but it was six months later before the contract was let. The
contractors were Ellington, Royster & Co., of Raleigh, and the cost of
the building complete was $13,000. The first bricks were laid on April
27, 1887. It was finished and ready for occupation early in October,
21 Sidney S. Lea was born in Caswell County in 1810. He died on March 1, 1892,
in the 82nd year of his age. He was a trustee of the College from June, 1881, until
his death.
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