202 History of Wake Forest College
had a central portion, about 60 feet by 35 feet, which contained the
stairways and on the second story the lecture room and smaller rooms
needed for it, and also offices, one of which was occupied by
President Taylor until another office was provided by the remodeling
of the old College Building in 1901.
Some space of this section was occupied as a storage and apparatus
room and there were several smaller rooms which were long used for
lecture room and storage room by the department of Biology. On each
side of the central portion were wings of one story, 32 feet by 37 feet.
The wing to the west was sufficient to supply the needs of chemistry
for many years, while the east wing was used for laboratory for the
biological department and for mineralogy. Unlike the other buildings
on the Campus the Lea Laboratory had arched windows. With the
increase in the interest in chemistry and the number of students taking
it more room was needed for them. Accordingly, on the completion of
the Alumni Building in 1904 the biological department found a home
there and surrendered the entire Lea Laboratory to chemistry. But as
the increasing number of students brought the need for more room,
gabled additions were made at the ends of the wings in 1920.
Since the cost of the building was more than the $8,000 provided
by Mr. Lea it was necessary to secure additional funds from other
sources. On the request of the Trustees, President Taylor undertook to
raise the needed amount, $5,000 for the building and $3,000 for the
equipment. It was a rather slow process and kept him away from the
College and in the field much of the school year of 1886-87; a
subscription was also taken at the commencement in June, 1887, and
another at the meeting of the Baptist State Convention in November
of the same year, but as much as $3,000 was still lacking in March,
Although Dr. Duggan had taken such zealous interest in the new
Laboratory he did not live to take charge of it. His death came from
typhoid fever on January 8, 1888. In his honor a memorial tablet of
bronze was set on a marble plate in the vestibule
Wake Forest Student, VII, 261, March,
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