Buildings and Grounds 203
of the building, with the following inscription: "In Memoriam. James
Reynolds Duggan, A.M., M.D., Ph.D. Born November 14, 1859. Died
January 8, 1888. Professor of Chemistry at Wake Forest College from
September 1, 1886, to January 8, 1888." The death of Professor
Duggan was regarded as a great loss to the College and to the State.
He was young, being just a little more than twenty-eight years of age.
His enthusiastic interest in his subject was shown not only in his
stimulating and inspirational work in classroom and laboratory but in
numerous investigations the results of which he embodied in many
published articles, which brought him recognition as a scholar and
chemist of much ability both in America and in Germany. The
laboratory which owed its design to him was when finished said to be
the best of its kind south of Baltimore. It is of a model that is still ap-
proved and used in much more costly structures in the great
universities of the country. On October 18, 1887, Dr. Duggan married
Miss Janie Prichard, daughter of Rev. J. L. Prichard, and half-sister of
Mrs. Charles E. Taylor, a most estimable lady.
One further addition to the building was made in the spring of
1900. On the roof was erected an astronomical observatory, for which
a five-inch telescope was provided and set up under the direction of
Dr. John F. Lanneau.
In the summer of 1900 the central part of the old College Building
was remodeled and made into classrooms and offices. The levels of
the three floors were somewhat changed so as to provide stories of
uniform height, and larger windows were provided. The entrance was
in the central front, from which stairways ran to the upper stories; on
either side of the stairways were small recitation rooms, to
accommodate about thirty, and to the rear on each story one large
room which would easily accommodate seventy-five. All was
handsomely finished with six-foot wainscot and doors of the best
clear pine furnished by those great friends of the College, the Camp
Brothers, of Franklin, Virginia. The stairways were of the same
material, and their excellence is attested by the fact that they stood the
tramp of students for
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