204 History of Wake Forest College
thirty-one years without needing repair.
At first all the rooms except
one were used for recitations. The exception was the room to the left
on the ground floor as one entered the building. This was divided into
two and served as the office of the President, and for bell room. In
1907, after the resignation of Professor Mills, the opposite room was
fitted up as a bursar's office. Later, by degrees, the entire lower floor
of this central portion and some adjoining rooms were taken over for
administration offices, an arrangement which continued until the
building was destroyed by fire in May, 1933.
A part of the same undertaking with the remodeling of the central
portion of the old College Building was the building of the
Gymnasium. The need for such a building had been long felt at Wake
Forest. President Pritchard, in his first report, June, 1880, told of the
need and demand for it. President Taylor in his first report to the
Trustees in June, 1885, also urged that a gymnasium be provided. At
the time the old chapel left vacant on the constuction of the Wingate
Memorial Building served for the purpose. In September, 1889, this
was equipped with new apparatus and all put in charge of Mr. T. S.
Sprinkle, who at the commencement in June, 1889, had been elected
director of athletics and had spent the summer in training at
In the summer of 1896, it was found necessary to make the room
formerly used for a gymnasium into two lecture rooms, one in front
for the department of Law and the other for the department of Bible.
After a year or two the former halls of the Literary Societies on the
fourth floor of the old College Building were cleared and the
gymnasium apparatus made available there for those who chose to use
it, with Dr. E. W. Sikes as director.
Wake Forest Student, XX, 47: "The central part of the old Dormitory Building
has been fitted up in palatial style, and has been transformed into recitation rooms
which for beauty and convenience are unequalled in the South.
The imposing new Gymnasium building is going up rapidly, and will add
materially to the life of the College. Here is to Wake Forest! May she ever prosper."
29 Dr. E. W. Sikes, Bulletin of Wake Forest College, New Series, II, 183, is in
error in stating that Mr. Sprinkle began his work as Director in 1888. See General
Catalogue, pp. 20, 173.
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