Buildings and Grounds 207
pone the matter to an adjourned meeting the next morning. There the
motion was made to postpone the matter another year, but a member
of the faculty interfered with a plea to begin now and made a
subscription of $250, which others soon made $1,000, and it was
arranged that Professor Carlyle should be the agent of the Association
in raising the funds and should begin with an appeal to those in
attendance on the commencement exercises of that day, May 28,
1903. This he did and secured pledges in excess of $7,000. He then
spent the vacation in the field, and continued the work as occasion
offered through several years, until he had raised the total amount of
the cost of the building, $16,600
Work was begun on the building in May, 1904, and the corner stone
was laid at the commencement on May 23, 1904, a gift of the senior
class. There was no contractor but the work was superintended by Dr.
J. H. Gorrell, whose services were so valuable that Professor Carlyle
declared that he was the "largest single contributor," and the Board of
Trustees by resolution thanked him for his services. The building has
a front of 74 feet and a depth of 64 feet and is three stories high, with
a slight inset in the middle of front and back, is of red brick with
finishings of grey pressed brick; these grey brick are used jutting at
short intervals to relieve the stretch of eight pilasters, four on the front
and four at the back, and over the openings for door and windows.
The tops of the windows and the pilasters are surmounted by
cushion-roll capitals between which is a dental frieze extending round
the building.
It was not until September, 1906, that the building was complete
and ready for occupation. First place in it was given to the
33 "Professor Carlyle encouraged alumni to use the walls of the building on the
first floor for memorial tablets of bronze of their loved ones. Many responded and
on the walls are found tablets inscribed with the following names: William
Crenshaw, John Homer Gore, Eugene Exum Beckwith, Henry Biddle Duffy,
William Royall, Martha Priscilla Alderman, John A. Battle, William Gaston
Simmons, Charles F. Reid, Julian S. Carr, Maggie French Jones, Gen. Alfred
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