210 History of Wake Forest College
largest contributors to the building fund were: W. C. Powell, F. C.
Ferguson, H. C. Bridger, R. L. Bridger, Mrs. W. O. Allen, Mrs. A. V.
Purefoy, Mrs. W. H. Wiggs, and Mrs. J. M. Elliott 37
The next building to be erected on the Campus was what was first
called the New Dormitory, but now called "The Carey J. Hunter
Hall," by action of the Board of Trustees, September 20, 1923. It was
erected on the urgent representation of President W. L. Poteat that
more accommodations were needed in the way of students' lodgings
and that the College was suffering in patronage for the lack of them.
At a special meeting of the Board of Trustees on August 30, 1912, the
plan was approved and measures for the construction of the building
referred to a committee consisting of Livingston Johnson, Carey J.
Hunter, W. N. Jones, George A. Norwood, Robt. E. Royall, and W. L.
In a glass over the front door are the names: Jas. S. Purefoy, John Mitchell. In
the hall as one enters, to the left, is a large brass plate on the wall, inscribed with a
heading: Mothers' Ward. Underneath in five columns are the names of a hundred
mothers of donors of ten dollars each, on the solicitation of Professor Carlyle. The
names of the mothers are: Mattie W. Adams, Rosa F. Allen, Martha F. Allen,
Pennie E. Alderman, Annie L. Ashcraft, Mary A. Barker, Nanny H. Battle, Mollie
L. Beam, Louisa Broughton, Lorena D. Bland, Pauline H. Bowen, Jane P. Bostic,
Frances Britton, Mary V. Bridger, Lillian E. Brewer, Sallie K. Burton, Emma L.
Burns, Cornelia P. Campbell, Dovie C. Caldwell, Sarah C. Carlyle, Virginia E.
Carlton, Margaret E. Chisholm, Martha L. Cobb, Mary E. Davis, Josie T. Douglass,
Sallie D. Dockery, Rosa W. Duncan, Lizzie W. Dunn, Esther B. Durham, Emily P.
Eddins, Maryan C. Eller, Susan P. Fleetwood, Bessie M. Forehand, Mary S. Fowler,
Genoa R. Freeman, Catie H. Gardner, Annie S. Glenn, Bruce B. Gore, Lizzie G.
Grant, Annie H. Gresham, Emma L. Hampton, Lula T. Harris, Lucinda C. Harris,
Bettie R. Hilliard, Maggie L. Hobbs, Zoa L. Haywood, Sarah Haywood, Nancy P.
Holding, Sarah Jamison, Mattie I. Johns, M. Victoria Johnson, Fannie A. Joyner,
Sallie W. Joyner, Sarah E. Jones, Annie T. Jones, Lydia B. Josey, Savannah
Lineberry, Julia R. Maddry, Jennie S. Martin, Elizabeth Merrill, Henrietta P.
Mangum, Lucy J. Middleton, Mary E. Millard, Lydia L. Moore, Sarah M. Moseley,
Laura McDaniel, Mary 0. McDowell, Catherine McGoughan, Margaret H. McKay,
Virginia K. McNeill, Zipporah G. Neal, Nannie M. Norlin, Edith L. Nye, Flora S.
Page, Matilda Paschal, Blanche M. Powers, Artelia Reddish, Anna I. Riddick, Mary
E. Riggan, Nora P. Rogers, Margaret L. Rogers, Henrietta Russ, Ina L. Sears,
Frances E. Sigmon, Mary F. Simms, Mary E. Simmons, Mary M. Simmons, Nannie
G. Smith, Bettie E. Street, Emma R. Taylor, Mattie C. Timberlake, Bettie A. Tolar,
Modesia Utley, Elizabeth F. Vann, Minerva J. Vernon, Margaret E. Wall, Mary E.
Walker, Cynthia A. Weatherspoon, Fannie B. Wilson, Jane E. Young.
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