212 History of Wake Forest College
up by the College bursar, Mr. E. B. Earnshaw, was about $43,700,
while the furniture cost $5,000 additional.
At the same time as the building of the New Dormitory was that of
the Wake Forest Baptist Church. We have already seen that the
Church found its place of worship, first in the temporary wooden
building of the College, then in the old College Building, and later in
the chapels of the Wingate Memorial Building. During the pastorate
of Dr. W. N. Johnson, in 1912, he began to urge the erection of a
separate building for the worship of the Church, and traveled over the
State to ask the help of the friends of the College. The result was that
the erection of the church was determined upon, a structure to cost
about $50,000. The site chosen was a plot of ground, 130 feet by 140
feet, on the south side of the Campus just to the east of what is today
Highway Number 1. At a special meeting on January 21, 1913, the
Board of Trustees set apart this lot for the church, with the proviso
that in case it should cease to be so used it should revert to the
College. The architect was Mr. James M. McMichael of Charlotte.
Though not quite finished, on December 9, 1914, it entertained a
meeting of Baptist State Convention adjourned from Raleigh where it
was in session. Many improvements have been made since.
The next building to be erected was a dormitory, the Jabez A.
Bostwick Hall, so called because the cost of it was provided by the
accrued interest on a contingent bequest that came to the College from
the estate of Mr. Bostwick. It is in the northwest corner of the
Campus, is of brick, three stories and a basement, with porch on east
side and with stairways at each end connected on all floors by halls
running from end to end of the building. It was the first building of
approved fireproof structure to be erected on the Campus. It
accommodates 114 students. The architects were Wilson and
Berryman of Raleigh. The contractors were Hancock and Davis of
Beaufort; the original cost was $108,000,39 which with the cost of
changes made later brought the total cost
39 Bulletin of Wake Forest College, New Series, XVIII, October, 1923, p. 15.
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