Buildings and Grounds 217
in all respects and meets all the needs of the College for indoor
athletic sports and classes in physical training.
Simmons Hall, a dormitory for men, was erected in 1936 on the
northeast corner of Main and North streets, on the site of the
"Professor's House" built in 1837 by Mr. Charles E. Skinner and later
donated by him to the College. Its architect was Mr. W. H. Deitrick
and the contractor George W. Kane. It is designed to accommodate
groups of young men, a total of one hundred. It was given over to
fraternity groups until September, 1942, when it was occupied by the
Army Finance School.
The President's House, erected in 1928, stands on the site of the
residence of former President Wingate opposite the southwest corner
of the Campus. The College owns other residences, mostly used by
officers of the College, as follows: On the Gore property on North
Street, three; on the Caddell property at the corner of Wingate and
North streets, two; on West Middle Street, three; on Wingate Street
opposite the Campus, five. In addition the College has come into
possession of the old College Hotel which about 1920 was moved
from the site on which it was built on the corner of Main and South
streets across to the south side of the block.
Along with the erection of buildings went the addition to the
grounds of the College and adaptation of them to college uses. Some
account of the Campus has been given in another chapter. For a third
of a century before 1907 the only real estate in Wake Forest held by
the College was the Campus and the old athletic ground, about six
acres in the north of the town, but on December 31, 1907, Mr. D. L.
Gore transferred to the College the plot of ground on North and
Wingate streets which had formerly made up lots 28 and 29, about
three acres, and on which at this time were three dwellings in addition
to a tenant house in the rear. They were valued at $9,000 and were
donated on the solicitation of Professor J. B. Carlyle as a part of an
endowment fund of $150,000 which he was then engaged in raising.
The middle house was burned about 1916; on its site in 1935
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