Buildings and Grounds 219
about four hundred and fifty acres; they extend from the railroad on
the east to the Raleigh-Oxford road on the west, and from Red Hill
Branch for about a mile north.
Those most interested in the purchase of the Walters property
hoped to see developed on it "an athletic field, providing baseball and
football and track space, a swimming pool, golf links, and possibly a
lake,"45 and, except for the last, have lived to see their hopes realized.
Soon after the purchase the golf links were laid out, a nine-hole
course. The Durham Road, constructed in 1930, cut out part of it,
making it necessary to shift the location of several of the greens and
find place for another. Land for this was lent by G. W. Paschal, and
for more than twelve years the course thus laid out has been used.
From the first much interest and enthusiasm in the game was manifest
at Wake Forest, both among the students and members of the faculty.
The projected relocation of U S No. 1 highway will probably make it
necessary to abandon all the course east of Richland Creek. If this is
done it is planned to construct an eighteen-hole course using for the
purpose the Holden land purchased in 1939. The swimming pool was
built about the year 1925 at the head of a small stream in the extreme
western part of the tract. Though not ideally constructed it was most
popular with the students, especially with those of the summer school,
and their friends, and was used once every season for a swimming
tournament and beauty contest, but it has fallen into disuse since the
opening of the municipal swimming pool in the summer of 1942.
It was October, 1921, before the hope of having a field for football,
baseball and track gave promise of being realized. This was a gift of
Mr. Claude Gore, an alumnus of the College in the class of 1899, who
had always had an active and helpful interest in his alma mater and in
particular in its athletics. At this time carrying out a purpose he had
entertained for some years, he provided for the construction of the
field which had so long been desired and which was so much needed.
The funds for it, about
Statement of Dr. Hubert A. Royster, Bulletin of Wake Forest College, 11, 182,
October, 1916.
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