Born August 15, 1883 Died November 25, 1930
Associate Professor of Chemistry in Wake Forest College, 1914-15
Professor of Chemistry in Wake Forest College, 1915-30
"No more popular professor than Dr. Nowell ever taught at Wake Forest," was a
statement made by one of the oldest members of the Board of Trustees. And his
popularity as a teacher was combined with a scholarship of high distinction. An
honor graduate of Wake Forest, a Doctor of Philosophy of Johns Hopkins
University, studying under that great master of chemistry, Ira Remsen, he carried
into his lecture room and laboratory the high ideals and demands of modern
scholarship, and yet his quiet and strong example as a man among men was the
force that won him the love and devotion of all students who filled his classroom.
With equal zeal and unwearied exertion Dr. Nowell served his God. As a teacher
in the Sunday school during his two years as professor of chemistry at State College
in Raleigh, and his sixteen years at Wake Forest, he labored successfully in bringing
young men under the influence of the Gospel; and as a deacon of his church lie gave
unstintedly of his time and thought and work to the wise administration of religious
life here. In all his intercourse with his fellow men lie displayed unswerving
devotion to principle, coupled with the ability to avoid enmity and to make friends
of all men.
By precept and example he strove untiringly to stimulate and to develop the sense
of loyalty to the faith of our fathers and to instill the spirit of the Gospel. To him the
Christian religion was not a mere cult, but a map of life. He was indeed a leader and
teacher of righteousness whom it was happiness to follow and a privilege to greet as
a friend. Modestly, unselfishly, humbly, he walked with God; earnestly,
unceasingly, and lovingly he wrought for his fellow man. Surely goodness and
mercy followed him all the days of his life.
-J. H. GORRELL, Old Gold and Black, December 5, 1930.
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