Trustees 229
Raleigh to the west, and for seven years was pastor of the Wake
Forest Baptist Church; he continued as trustee till his death,
December 15, 1907; his presence on the Board did much to gain favor
for the College in many of the controversies that ranged around it.
Other Baptist ministers whose services to the Board began somewhat
later, in the decade from 1870 to 1880, but were of much value to the
College, were Robert H. Marsh, 1870-1924; William Turner, 1871-
78; James B. Richardson, 1873-1912; C. T. Bailey, 1877-95; J. B.
Boone, 1878-1908; Columbus Durham, 1878-95. For forty years Rev.
William Turner was the most trusted, loved and influential man in the
Liberty Association; he was a member of the Board for only a few
years, but since his day the section to which he ministered has been
most loyal to the College. All the others served till their death.
Perhaps the ablest of them was Bailey; he understood clearly the
needs and the problems of the institution and used his wonderful
influence as editor of the Biblical Recorder to promote its interests.
Marsh was for fifty years the most influential Baptist minister in both
town and country in the county of Granville; for the years 1890-93 he
was president of the Board, and for the years 1891-1904 was
president of the Baptist State Convention, and for fifty-four years a
trustee of the College; he was also a trustee of the S. B. T. Seminary,
1896-1913, and of the University of N. C. He was a man of much
sanity of judgment and intensely loyal to the College, from the day he
came to it as tutor, in 1858, until his death, October 6, 1924. In the
Civil War he was chaplain of the famous 26th North Carolina
regiment. Never was a man more wisely and industriously aggressive
for the Baptist cause than J. B. Richardson in his labors as a pioneer
in the region between the Yadkin and the Catawba, whither he went
on many missionary tours from his home in High Point. He showed
the same qualities in his work as a trustee of the College until his
death, September 7, 1912. J. B. Boone was also a valuable trustee.
When he became a member he had already served pastorates in
Charlotte, Statesville and Salisbury. Later, 1883-89, he was president
of Judson College.
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