236 History of Wake Forest College
who devoted the most time and thought to the college affairs was
Carey J. Hunter of Raleigh, whose purpose was to protect the
investments of the College and get the largest income possible from
them and at the same time to see that the expenses did not exceed
revenues. Other able trustees of this class were D. L. Gore, 1896-
1904, whose interest led him to make large donations to the college;
C. M. Mitchell, 1900-21; T. H. Briggs, 1912-28; G. A. Norwood, Jr.,
a banker of Goldsboro, and a strong friend of the College, 1900-. .; T.
F. Pettus, 1921-32.
Nearly all trustees appointed since 1921 are still members of the
Board; but some have left the State, a few have resigned and the
following have died: J. C. Clifford, 1922-27; Leland Kitchin, 1929-
37. For a list of the others now serving on the Board see the complete
list of trustees in the appendix to this chapter. The officers of the
Board until 1891 are named in the General Catalogue. Since that time
they have been as follows, each serving from his appointment to the
appointment of his successor: Presidents: C. Durham, 1893; T. E.
Skinner, 1895; W. C. Tyree, 1903; A. D. Ward, 1907; F. P. Hobgood,
1910; J. A. Oates, 1913; E. F. Aydlett, 1915; J. M. Parrott, 1917; G.
T. Stephenson, 1919; L. Johnson, 1922; E. W. Timberlake, 1923; J.
A. Campbell, 1924; E. Y. Webb, 1929; Claude Gore, 1933; J. C.
Turner, 1937; W. M. Johnson, 1938; J. O. Oates, 1941. Secretaries:
R. E. Royall, 1891; C. J. Hunter, 1895; E. B. Earnshaw, 1923.
Treasurers: T. H. Briggs, 1888; T. W. Brewer, 1912. Attorneys: W.
N. Jones, 1898, died October 19, 1928; J. M. Broughton, 1928; J. W.
Bunn, 1941. From the first the Board has had an executive committee,
usually made up of members living in Raleigh and Wake Forest or of
those in easy access of Wake Forest. In addition, since June, 1876, the
Trustees have had a committee on investments. The first such
committee was appointed on that day and consisted of J. S. Purefoy,
John G. Williams, and W. W. Vass. Previous to that time investments
had been made by the order of the Board. After this the committee
was regularly appointed at the annual meeting in June. Beginning
with 1877, this committee for several
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