Trustees 237
years consisted of J. S. Purefoy, A. R. Vann, and W. H. Pace. In 1881,
the committee was increased to five members, by the addition of C.
Durham and W. W. Vass. Mr. Pace continued chairman of this
committee till his death, April 27,
As nearly all the
investments made by the committee in the years 1876 to 1900 were in
real estate mortgages the executive committee on January 3, 1877,
ordered that the expenses of executing the necessary legal instruments
and investigating title should be paid by the borrower. While Mr. Pace
was chairman of the committee he attended to this matter, and the
College had no regularly appointed attorney. This office, however,
was created at the annual meeting, May 30, 1893, the salary fixed at
$100, and W. N. Jones of Raleigh named college attorney. The office
has been regarded as desirable, since though the regular salary is
small, the fees coming to the attorney from investigation of titles of
real estate are considerable. Mr. Jones continued in the office until his
death, October 19, 1928, a period of nearly forty-five years. He was
succeeded by J. M. Broughton who continued in the place until he
became governor of the State in January, 1941, since which time J.
Wilbur Bunn has been appointed attorney.
According to the plan agreed upon at the meeting of the Baptist
State Convention of 1835, as told in the first volume of this work,
vacancies on the Board of Trustees were regularly filled by the Board
itself from persons nominated and approved by the
After the Civil War, however, the Trustees disregarded this plan and
chose new members on their own initiative. No opposition to this
procedure was made until the meeting of the Baptist State Convention
of 1884 in Raleigh, when the following resolution offered by Rev. J.
D. Hufham, a member of the Board, was adopted:
WHEREAS, it is a matter of exceeding great importance that the connection
between our college and the great body of the Baptists of the
7 See minutes of the Board for June, 1876, and years following. Beginning with
1888-89 the , names of the Investing Committee are given in the catalogues.
8 Volume I, pp. 100ff.
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