Trustees 239
proved in general by the Methodists of the South, and the Baptists
were virtually losing control of Columbian College, Brown Uni-
versity, Colgate and Rochester, and the Methodists were having to
maintain their right to the control of Randolph-Macon College by
resort to the courts. Several other Baptist ministers of the State came
to the support of Barrett, among them James Long, pastor of the
church at Dunn, and R. A. McFarland of Scotland Neck. Long had
articles in the Biblical Recorder of November 20 and 27, 1912. Some
excerpts from his articles will indicate the nature of the alarm that was
creeping over the Baptists of the State: "In this day when
denominational property is being caught up in the sweep of liberalism
and materialism, it behooves us to see that our institutions are
securely tied to the denomination.... As a matter of fact the Baptists of
North Carolina own no institutions except our secondary schools. The
Baptists of North Carolina do not own Wake Forest College. A board
of eighteen Baptist men own it in fee simple.... The only way for an
institution to stay in close touch with its constituency is for it to keep
close to that constituency. These self-perpetuating boards that are
betraying their trusts are complaining that their constituencies have
not supported them. Their constituencies had no direct responsibility
and therefore an ever lessening interest. If Wake Forest, Meredith,
and Thomasville want the support of their constituency guaranteed to
them forever they must let that constituency have an interest in their
control. . . . The closer Wake Forest and Meredith can stay to the
heart of North Carolina Baptists the better it will be for them. . . .
Personally I have no pet idea as to how the thing be done. The thing I
am concerned about it to put the Convention in legal touch with our
It was in vain that Dr. H. C. Moore, then editor of the Biblical
Recorder, and Dr. W. L. Poteat, president of Wake Forest College,
expressed strong opposition to Barrett's plan. Since 9
Biblical Recorder, November 18 and 20, 1912. None of the writers made
reference to the fact that before 1865 trustees of the College by arrangement with
the Convenion. had been elected from groups whose names were submitted by the
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