16 History of Wake Forest College
at the close of the chapel period, which was not infrequently
lengthened into a quarter or even a half hour. The faculty knew just
what to do to correct this abuse: they set the chapel period
immediately before the dinner hour, 12:10-12:30 p.m., and here it was
kept until the burning of Wingate Memorial Hall, February 14, 1934,
interfered with the chapel service. If a speaker was to be given
additional time it was arranged by the shortening of the other morning
periods; student meetings were henceforth set for some other hour;
the tap of the college bell notified the speaker that his time was up
and sometimes the hungry, impatient listeners gave him other
evidence of it. The only drawback in this hour was that those who
waited on tables were unable to attend chapel services.
Until the installation of regular schedule of Saturday morning
recitations, in January,' 1922, chapel services were held every week
day and all students were required to attend
As even the Large
Chapel became too small to seat all the students about the year 1930-
31 it was found necessary to require attendance by classes, and the
order was: seniors and students of Law and Medicine on Monday;
Sophomores and Juniors on Friday; Freshmen on Tuesday and
Thursday; on Wednesday no regular chapel service. During all these
years the faculty resorted to various devices to encourage attendance,
one of them being to grade students on chapel attendance and take
account of these grades in reckoning honors for graduation. Penalties
for nonattendance were also fixed; twelve absences automatically
excluded the student having them from College, and this number was
reduced to five when only one or two days of attendance a week was
required. There is no record that any student was ever expelled on
account of failure to attend chapel.4
Many were specially exempted year after year, especially students taking
certain classes In Law and Medicine and those running experiments in the
Chemistry Laboratory.
04 In 1905 the University of North Carolina, had had for many years practically
the same regulation for chapel attendance as Wake Forest College. See catalogue,
1904-05, p. 12. The same was true of the other colleges of the state. At Davidson
College all students were required to attend Sunday vesper services as late as 1939-
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