Trustees 241
asking for a change in the method of electing trustees, but referring
the whole matter to a committee of fifteen to formulate a plan to be
reported at the next meeting but published in the Biblical Recorder
some weeks before the meeting of the next convention in Wilmington
in December, 1926.
At that meeting Mr. R. N. Simms, a lawyer of Raleigh and
prominent in Baptist affairs, was ready with a resolution amending
Section 14 of the constitution of the Convention, which relates to
institutions owned by the Convention. This resolution was clearly
drawn and in general incorporated the recommendations of the Barrett
and Spilman resolutions of the previous year. A minor change was
that the terms of all trustees should be four years, one-fourth of them
to be elected annually, but there were two important changes: first,
that the trustees should be elected by the Convention; second, that the
Convention should have the right of removing a trustee at any time.
Vacancies on all boards of trustees were to be filled on the report of a
nominating committee elected by the Convention; each board had the
right to make to the nominating committee any suggestion it saw fit
regarding nominations; the nominating committee was to report to the
Convention which might elect as trustees those nominated or
substitute others in their places or recommit the committee report for
further consideration. A committee of three was to have the charters
of the various institutions revised to conform to the changes made.
After discussion by J. R. Jester in favor and by C. H. Durham in
opposition this resolution was adopted by a decisive
Since that time the procedure indicated in the resolution for the
election of trustees has been scrupulously followed. In actual practice,
however, the nominating committee has done little more than confirm
the nominations submitted by the various boards. The vesting of the
right to elect and remove trustees, however, has given the Baptists of
the State a sense of ownership and control of the College and other
institutions that they
Minutes of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina for 1925 and for
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