The College graduated its first class in June, 1839. Including the
degrees confered in August, 1943, the total number of academic
degrees conferred by the College is 5,240. This includes about 40
Master of Arts degrees which were conferred either "in course" or
honoris causa, before the year
The number of the different
degrees conferred in this period, 1839 to August, 1943, is as follows:
Master of Arts, 332; Bachelor of Arts, 2,468; Bachelor of Science,
1,307; Bachelor of Arts in Medicine, 126; Bachelor of Science in
Medicine, 283; Bachelor of Laws, 664; Bachelor of Letters, 45;
Bachelor of Philosophy, 15. By administrations these degrees were
distributed as follows: Wait (1839-45), 19; Hooper (1846-49), 9;
White (1849-54), 41; Wingate (1855-79), 165; Pritchard (1880-82),
30; Royall (1883-84), 28; Taylor (1885-1905), 671; Poteat (1906-
1927), 1788; Gaines (1928-30), 400; Kitchin (1931-43, August),
When the College closed for the Civil War in May, 1862, it had
graduated 117 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and had given the
Master of Arts degree to 29, a total of 146. Of these some account
was given in the first volume of this work. No degrees of any kind
were conferred in the years 1842 and 1845, and 1863-65, and only the
Master of Arts "in course" 1844, 1866, 1867. In 1870 one was
conferred "in course" and another honoris causa. In the catalogue of
1866 one of the degrees offered is that of Master of Arts, with the
prescription that to receive it the student must have completed all the
courses of all the Schools; but in the catalogue of 1867, 1868-69, and
1869-70, the Master of Arts degree is not mentioned, its place being
supplied by the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, for which the
“In course" indicates that the recipient of the degree had done worthy service
after receiving a bachelor's degree from the College; honoris causa was in
recognition of the ability and distinction by one who was not necessarily a former
student of the College.
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