244 History of Wake Forest College
are about those of Master of Arts in the catalogue of 1866. But the
degree was never
The first to win the degree of Master of
Arts for work done in college were John Bruce Brewer and Franklin
P. Hobgood in 1871. The Master of Arts had been restored to the
catalogue of that year, 1870-71, with the prescription of the catalogue
of 1866, that to receive it one must be proficient in all the courses of
all the schools of the College, a prescription which continued for
many years, being last found in the catalogue of 1887-88.3 The
catalogue of 1888-89 for the first time prescribed certain of the
courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree as basic for the degree
of Master of Arts; and for the latter required an additional thirty
semester hours of work. The statement of the requirements was
indefinite and invited abuse. Some who coveted both degrees would
choose some of the easier courses in which to make up the thirty
additional semester hours and do the work for both degrees in the four
years usually required for the work of the Bachelor of Arts degree
alone. Soon these abuses called for more definite statements and
higher standards, and the requirements with modifications from time
to time were set forth in some detail in the catalogues of 1892-93 and
the years following: the student must have completed the Bachelor of
Arts course before entering upon the work for a Master of Arts
degree; he could not count any surplus of credits―he had in elective
work for the Bachelor's degree on his requirements for the Master of
Arts; he must take at least two advanced courses, 12 semester hours;
he must make a grade of 90 on the work he offered for the Master's
degree; no student might receive the Master's degree in the same year
in which he received his Bachelor's degree; the additional year must
be done in residence and after he had received the Bachelor's degree;
his course of studies must have the approval of the committee on
graduate studies; he must write a thesis and submit
In the University of North Carolina catalogue for 1869-70, a Ph.D.
degree is offered in the "College of Philosophy."
3 In the catalogue of 1887-88 the statement is not in the same
language but the substance is the same.
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