Degrees Conferred 245
its subject and his course of studies to the approval of that committee;
he must do his work under the supervision of the head of the
department in which he specialized and he must stand a preliminary
and final examination by the committee on his thesis and work. This
last provision introduced first in the catalogue of 1919-20, has served
to make the requirements for the degree much more formidable and
greatly to limit the number of students in the regular session who
work for it. Not a few summer school students, however, have won
the degree. The residence requirement for them is three summer
sessions of nine weeks each, and they have the advantage of taking
several years to write theses. Some have thought too much is required
for it, that it is made too much of a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the
College, and have advised that it be given here as at many other
institutions on the completion of a year of work well done in which
the graduate student might get a more extended knowledge of the
subjects he will find of value in his chosen field of work. One of these
is public education, where the possession of the Master's degree is
required of principals and superintendents and heads of departments
and gives advantages on salary.
As was told in the first volume of this work, only two honorary
degrees were conferred by the College in the years before 1866, with
the exception of eight Master of Arts degrees honoris causa. After the
war both faculty and Board of Trustees were more liberal, possibly
being influenced favorably by the kind advance of Columbian College
of Washington, D. C., in conferring the degree of Doctor of Divinity
on President W. M. Wingate, in May, 1865, when the smoke of battle
had hardly cleared away. The number of honorary doctorates in the
various fields and under the various administrations follows:
President White, 1849-54: Doctor of Divinity, 1; Wingate, 1855-79:
Laws, 4, Divinity, 14; Pritchard, 1880-82: Divinity, 3; Royal], 1883-
84: Laws, 1, Divinity, 2; Taylor, 1885-1905: Laws, 13, Divinity, 20;
Poteat, 1906-1927: Laws, 24, Divinity, 26, Letters, 11, Sciences, 4,
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