Degrees Conferred 247
One hundred and eighty-nine honorary degrees in one hundred and
nine years for a college serving as large and respectable a
constituency as Wake Forest can hardly be called excessive: And that
the faculty acted with much wisdom and discrimination in its
selections will be evident to any one who will take the pains to scan in
the last footnote the list of names of those who received the various
degrees. Of those who received the degree of Doctor of Laws a full
score were able educators; among these were scholars and university
professors, such as James W. Bright of the department of English, and
Henry Wood of the department of Germanic Languages, Johns
Hopkins University; W. P. Trent, a master of literary criticism and
professor of the University of the South, and later of Columbia
University; W. E. Dodd, professor of History in the University of
Chicago, and later Ambassador to Germany; Herman Harold Horne,
professor of Education in New York University, and author of several
Daniel, 1868; Archibald McDowell, 1867; H. H. McMillan, 1941; D. A.
MacMurray, 1917; C. E. Maddry, 1917; R. H. Marsh, 1886; J. W. Millard, 1905;
H. C. Moore, 1915; J. A. Mundy, 1882; W. C. Newton, 1925; W. S. Olive, 1929; R.
R. Overby, 1884; Edwin M. Poteat, 1895; E. McNeill Poteat, Jr., 1933; W. F.
Powell, 1920; J. B. Richardson, 1895; A. T. Robertson, 1892; Lewis H. Shuck,
1875; A. M. Simms, 1895; Joel Snyder, 1928; B. W. Spilman, 1921; T. J. Taylor,
1916; C. H. Toy, 1870; J. Powell Tucker, 1932; J. B. Turner, 1930; J. Clyde Turner,
1920; W. C. Tyree, 1899; Samuel Wait, 1849; W. T. Walters, 1871; G. T. Watkins,
1931; Joseph T. Watts, 1917; J. B. Weatherspoon, 1928; R. W. Weaver, 1912; J. E.
White, 1902; J. L. White, 1899; Theodore Whitfield, 1878; N. W. Wilson, 1872;
J. E. Yates, 1900; M. T. Yates, 1869.
Doctor of Letters: J. Q. Adams, 1918; James Boyd, 1930; Gamaliel Bradford,
1919; Thomas H. Biggs, 1919; John L. Hall, 1916; L. M. Harris, 1917; W. H. Heck,
1918; Gerald W. Johnson, 1928; R. P. McCutcheon, 1934; Clarence Poe, 1914;
Major Harold E. Porter, 1921; A. T. Robertson, 1919; J. F. Royster, 1927; Henry
Jerome Stockard, 1914.
Doctor of Science: Collier Cobb, 1917; W. C. Davidson, 1932; Irving Hardesty,
1918; Wingate Memory Johnson, 1940; Carl Murchison, 1930; Watson S. Rankin,
1925; Charles Lee Reese, 1934; H. A. Royster, 1931; Wilbur C. Smith, 1939; J.
Conrad Watkins, 1922.
Doctor of Education: Blanford Bernard Daugherty, 1936; J. H. Highsmith, 1934;
H. T. Hunter, 1942; R. L. Moore, 1927; R. L. Paschal, 1934; R. H. Wright,
Doctor of Music; Wade R. Brown, 1922; Albert Mildenberg, 1916.
Doctor of Humane Letters: E. McK. Goodwin, 1932.
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