248 History of Wake Forest College
authoritative manuals in his field; Horace E. Flack, who since
January, 1917, has been Director of Department of Legislative
Reference of Baltimore, and is a recognized authority in the field of
city government, and the author of numerous publications on the
subject. Here, too, belong such Baptist scholars as President John A.
Broadus and Professor A. T. Robertson of the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary. With this degree the College has in
comparatively recent years honored presidents of its sister institutions,
E. K. Graham, H. W. Chase and Frank Graham of the University of
North Carolina; W. J. Martin and J. R. Cunningham of Davidson
College; W. C. Riddick and J. W. Harrelson of North Carolina State
College; J. P. Greene of William Jewell; F. P. Gaines of Washington
and Lee University; J. B. Gambrell and Charles Lee Smith and R. W.
Weaver of Mercer University; F. P. Hobgood of Oxford College; T. J.
Simmons of Brenau College; O. E. Sams of Carson and Newman; E.
W. Sikes of Clemson College; T. J. Simmons of Brenau College.
Others whom the College has thought worthy of the degree in Laws
have attained distinction in literary production, such men as Douglas
S. Freeman, editor of a Richmond Journal and author of R. E. Lee A
Biography; Walter Lippman, former editor of the New York World,
when it was still a great paper, and later for many years known for his
authoritative comment on international affairs in journals in all
sections of the United States; and Bliss Perry of the Atlantic Monthly.
Of those in the realm of politics whom the College found worthy of
this degree a full score might be mentioned, among them four
governors of North Carolina, Thomas Bragg, T. W. Bickett, O. Max
Gardner, J. M. Broughton; three chief justices of State Supreme
Courts, O'Neal of South Carolina, and W. N. H. Smith and W. T.
Faircloth of North Carolina; Attorney General, D. G. Brummitt; three
Federal district court judges, E. Y. Webb, I. M. Meekins, and J. J.
Hayes; a cabinet officer and Ambassador to Mexico, Josephus
Daniels; Representative Claude Kitchin; two United States Senators,
J. W. Bailey and J. C. Pritchard; and one who later be
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